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About Thoughtcream

Thoughtcream was started sometime in 2014 after Tejas Nair discovered that he loves writing. He loves saying that he loves writing so much that he wrote this ‘About’ section expressly in the third person.

It is a personal blog where he writes opinionated articles about topics such as cinema, literature, society, culture, and current affairs. The main idea behind starting this blog was to write articles, such as this, that reflect his ‘thoughts’ about a certain subject, but lately, the writings have been reduced to lists like this and this, the latter of which has since become one of the most-viewed articles on this blog.

But, starting 2018, he hopes to write more inclusive content that reflects his opinions about the things that happen around him in the world. Thoughtcream is, therefore, a platform for him to write about his pent-up emotions disguised as opinions, which is very much evident in most of his articles.

As a writer, Tejas does not expect you to follow this blog as it is impossible that everything he writes will be of interest to you. But, if even one article has made you think about that subject, he considers his time aptly utilized.

Thoughtcream will never go out of style as it is constantly under construction.

Bio: Tejas Nair

Tejas Nair is a freelance content writer, full-time online marketing manager, small-time film critic, and an English literature student. He was born and brought up in Mumbai, India where he also currently lives.

Tejas Nair, author of Thoughtcream
Tejas Nair in 2017

Tejas works with Publicis Media, one of the Big Four media agencies in the world. He is so much proud of this fact that he hides the piece of information about how he got the job through sheer luck. How else would you describe the event where an Electronics Engineer, who graduated from Mumbai University in 2015, lands a digital marketing job at a company that directly competes with WPP?

He primarily handles ORM and SEO campaigns for the organization and specializes in content for his clients. However, he hopes to, one day, try copywriting in advertising and that’s why he mentioned WPP above.

He sometimes freelances as a content writer or ghostwriter on a project-to-project basis, which he found he was capable of after working for a brief period with Blink Digital, an advertising agency in Bandra, Mumbai. Since 2014, Tejas has worked on about a dozen freelance projects, all in the editing sphere. It is to improve his chance at landing better opportunities in writing and editorial positions that in 2017 he started pursuing English literature from IGNOU. It’s a lot of work than he originally imagined.

Tejas is a fan of cinema and loves watching and reviewing them. According to his IMDb profile, he has written 900+ film reviews till date after he began writing in 2012. Although he watches movies of all languages, he now focuses writing only on and about Malayalam and Hindi films. He even considers himself an expert in Malayalam cinema, a point that can be corroborated with a quick glance at these articles. His favorite Malayalam film of all time is Nadodikkattu written by Sreenivasan and directed by Sathyan Anthikkad.

With Thoughtcream, Tejas hopes to keep himself occupied when he’s not working. One other hobby, apart from writing, is reading. He considers himself heavily influenced by the books he reads and makes it a point to read something every day. His favorite book is The Catcher in the Rye by J D Salinger.


Notable Projects of Tejas Nair

  1. IMDb Film Reviews: In 2017, Tejas made it a point that he review all films that he watches. Result is this and this.
  2. Huffington Post Contribution: Slowly trying to get published on top sites, starting with this.


Contact Tejas Nair

Drop a mail to Tejas Nair at and you will receive a reply, if warranted, within 24 hours.

Other ways to contact him are given below:

If you want to work with him, then LinkedIn is the perfect way to go.

If you are a film fanatic and want to share your thoughts on cinema, find him hanging at IMDb, Letterboxd, or TheReviewMonk.

If you are a book lover, then hit him up at Goodreads. (He plans a separate page for you guys.)

If you are a social media junkie, then Facebook and Twitter are the best options. Tejas does not use Instagram or Snapchat. He is on Reddit and Quora, but hey, no one goes there intentionally.

He is also active on YouTube, Zomato, Medium, and Disqus.