Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 & Horror

The disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 on the 8th of March, 2014 bound for Beijing is the most horrific news I’ve heard in years, in spite of having lived in India since birth.

Not only has this ever happened before but also is the most bizarre thing which has baffled everyone from the airline to the aviation authority to the manufacturers to the world experts. But what baffles me is the sheer idea of it. I mean, how can an aircraft just disappear… in thin air? It’s not definitely something occult or else I would have to re-theorize my whole goddamn hypotheses. Issue magazine New Statesman lists five theories as to what might have happened to the fateful flight, carrying more than 230 helpless people. I was sure about the theory of terrorism about two Iranian nationals allegedly hijacking it. But now even that seems ridiculous as it seems they were only looking for a foreign haven.

Everyday I read more info about it on news, I feel goosebumps all over my body. If it was hijacked, then why wasn’t it reported anywhere in the air traffic of any country, if at all it flew outside its route? Have the passengers eaten anything? Because they tell me the surplus food on-board stays only for 2 more days and now it has been 5 days. And even if there is food, would it be anywhere in these hapless flyers priority? What would be their mental state? Away from the worldly chaos we all are so acclimatized with. We still have hopes because a crash just wouldn’t go unreported.

The whole premise continues to puzzle me and even if I try to cloud this daze, I end up with the same question again & again: Planes don’t disappear. Or do they? [New Statesman quote]

Even though the Bermuda Triangle theories haven’t been proved, I somehow believe 2 or 3 of them. But this is far more bamboozling mainly because, with modern technology an aircraft is tracked like a baby sleeping in a closed room. The cockpit is continuously recorded for in-flight information. And a slight change in any behavior of the flight is regarded as a ginormous occurrence by the control boards.

Anyways, I’d like to write more and more about it because it gives me hope about all the lives on that unfortunate flight. I don’t usually pray but if that contributes to a happy culmination of this mind-boggling incident, then I would. Let the force be with them.


4 thoughts on “Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 & Horror”

  1. How I agree with you. This disappearance is very intriguing, mind boggling and increases one’s curiosity at the same time. Perhaps, the questions will be answered soon. Or probably not. Alhamdullilah everybody onboard is alive.

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