Shattered Hopes

The latest example of how people of the world are so reluctant to change is the rain of racial barbs thrown on Nina Davuluri after being crowned as Miss America last day. The gravity of the racial slurs on the hapless Indian-origin American makes me terribly upset. At a time when she should be having the time of her life, she is greeted by the world with xenophobia. I can’t even imagine what she might be going through.

But, the Americans are at it again. 9/11 was twelve years ago for God’s sake, and referring the crowned beauty as Arab or Miss Terrorist is pure jingoism from the insensitive schmucks. After Australia got some respite from being called as the power house of racists in the last few years, now this episode brings America into the picture which most probably will be seen as a superficial film.

Not straining on what’s wrong or what’s right, the point here is that our world cannot change if the people stubbornly believe in the same principles that they used & continuously use to rationalize the world’s state in the first place. Other than the previous statement being a modified version of a well-known quote, it throws light into something relevant & debatable in present time. In this condition, all I can say is that the hope people like me carry on our heads so audaciously is sullied.


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