I Will Remember Martin Manley Forevermore!

Spending larger part of my Saturday with books & assembly language programs, I came home tired & got redirected to a website of a Kansas City sports writer by Thought Catalog. It was his suicide note.


The website!


The read was sensational & I will never forget the name of that reporter. He was Martin Manley.

The 60-year old journalist committed suicide because he chose to. His reasons aren’t vague and hopes to get into the Guinness Book of Records. The website is obviously taken down by the host Yahoo! in spite of him having a prepaid connection for 5 years. But then we have cache; thanks to Google (which went down for 5 minutes few hours ago)! Eventually the cache was deleted as well. But, you can read it here: http://www.zeroshare.info/

Head over to MartinManelyLifeAndDeath.Com & suit yourself. I suggest you read the whole introduction to understand what, for me, took some time to interpret. I’m sure it isn’t a sham. His SportsInReview.Com website says the same.

Well, the meaning of life & death is torn open by him & it all makes sense. It can be a life-changing weekend read. While we are still debating over Batman vs. Superman, this man comes and creates something for us to ponder. I am really fascinated by this chapter. But it makes me sad thinking that a man of such brilliance has departed.

On the other hand, it also signifies the human race’s tread to the digital world where even suicide notes are “published.” May Martin’s soul rest in peace and somehow I’m quite sure about that!

Quoted from Thought Catalog: Though this is not the first time something like this has been written, it is nevertheless a fascinating, important look at humanity, life, and death. It is the story of a man who confronted the realities that many of us avoid every day, and who made his own decision — for better or for worse.


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