How To Rate A Film?

I’ve seen people shallowly rating films they’ve watched and goodness gracious me, I have come across some masochists who would rate a film without even watching it. Goddamn them!

So, when it comes to actually rating these films on IMDb, to say, I have adopted an efficient yet imperfect criteria regarding some of the main factors on which a movie is/of built. I’ve edited this list so many times that I feel I suffer from OCD. But, as of now, I am very satisfied with it because the final rating is in parallel to what I think the movie deserves. Have a look at the notepad (text) file here!

The criteria is extremely self-explainable and it works!

To be precise, the movie-watching pleasure has to be rated out of 3.5, while the plot/story has to be rated out of 2. Other factors are to be rated out of 0.5. The movie American History X is rated in there, for example.


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