Lernstift: The Latest Entrant Into My Gift Ideas!

by Tejas Nair

Next time I remember a friend’s birthday and if I know his spelling sucks and if he would take no offense upon my action, then I would gift him the latest Kickstarter project what has succeeded in crowd-funding. Introducing LERNSTIFT – the first pen that vibrates when you make a mistake.

Getting frustrated over spelling mistakes is something that I experience almost every day. And I can’t help it. Even though I am not in an apt financial condition to support the funding myself, I’d be glad to buy it for I know many people who have issues on spelling.

The principle: the computer inside Lernstift is an embedded Linux system. The board contains motion sensor, processor, memory, Wi-Fi and vibration module. It will be oval-shaped to fit perfectly inside the pen. While on one hand we saw the death of telegram (in India), on other hand, we have a spell-checking pen. Way to go technology!

The spell-checker pen! (Courtesy: Kickstarter)

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