Wish Me Birthday, Will Ya?

Last day I read an article on TOI about how this month the world will celebrate the 85th birthmonth of the sliced bread. Yes, you heard it right – sliced bread turned 85 on July 7. The Chillicothe Baking Company sold the first wrapped package of sliced bread in history on July 7, 1928. To know what took it so long, read this The Atlantic article.

When they said wheel is the biggest quantum leap for man, I wasn’t puzzled. But, the thing which I so voraciously devour along with potatoes, onions, cucumbers, tomatoes and ketchup… if it is also considered one of the biggest inventions, I be bewildered. Not because I am skeptical, but because I just cannot digest the fact that the toasted bread slice was once an invention. I thought it came along, just like the mouse came along with the PC. But, this belief is wrong and the mighty sliced bread proves it.

It is the need of the hour, at least for me, that I don’t take the tiniest of tiny things for granted, because these “things” were also an invention, once upon a time. And now every time this month I feast on that sandwich, I’ll be wishing it Happy Birthday – belated, of course!


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