This Article Is Being Digitally Surveyed By NSA’s PRISM As You Read!

Last two days have been truly chaotic. I was uploading a photo of my girlfriend kissing me on the forehead on Facebook and that is when I get an error. It was an illogical error, as all Facebook errors are, which didn’t give much info about. Few seconds later I got a call from an unknown number (like they show in movies). I picked up and my dad spoke from the other end. He said, “I saw the photo of your girlfriend. She’s nice but you are grounded for a month.” He hung up as I visualized his expression miles away in UAE, going by his stern voice. Under the guise of a Civil Engineer in a national petroleum company, he worked for the NSA. It wasn’t new for me. But the recent news about how NSA spies on the citizens of the world has terrified every other Internet user.

While India stands at fifth place on US’ clandestine program called PRISM, I seriously am not worried unlike my American counterparts. Not worried about what, you may ask? Well, all the things I do online. It is not because my father works for them, but because I don’t do stuffs that should catch these prying eyes’ attention. Downloading movies, songs or TV shows, thank God, doesn’t seem to be under their purview or YIFY or Bubanee would’ve long been sued for millions on copyright claims. But the thing that I am really pissed off is about privacy.

Yes I use Facebook and that makes me sound ironic when I talk about privacy. But, as a commoner, I should be at least given the minimal liberty of acknowledging that all I do in the virtual world is only monitored by my conscience. This is cockeyed. You should know I used that word ‘cockeyed’ instead of ‘ridiculous’ because I was intercepted by the NSA guys (based in Chicago & NOT UAE) to use the former, mostly because they can relate to a part of that word with themselves.

The man of the hour is Edward Snowden. An ex-CIA employee, he blew the world away with his truth-telling. “I do not want to live in a world where everything I do and say is recorded… I can’t, in good conscience, allow the US government to destroy privacy and basic liberties for people around the world with this massive surveillance machine they’re secretly building. That is not something I am willing to support or live under,” were the words by the 29 year old computer programmer code-named Verax.

I have some appreciable amount of respect for this guy who has come out as a savior. Even though I cannot do anything for hiding my illicit activities for which Google Chrome‘s popular Incognito Window comes in handy, I seriously want to see some kind of brouhaha happening in and around this topic. But, I DO NOT want another Kenneth Goldsmith to come & print the entire Internet as a tribute. Blaargh!

But I hear their reach is astronomical. Lifehacker has some nice tips for you to at least feel self-satiated. Check them out!

Here’s hoping that Edward finds a safe haven as asylum (other than Hong Kong) and wishing his girlfriend in Hawaii much love. Respect! The Internet loves you! What happened to Bradley Manning, BTW?

PS: You cannot totally trust this article because of the cockeyed title. We cannot even totally trust on Edward, too. Everything seems superficial. This might just be a tip of an iceberg. And, yeah I was joking about my father working for NSA. Sarcasm will save the world. Well, did you check out iOS 7?

On the other hand, I sense the world is treading into a worse place to live, why?


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